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Et Tu Bruté

by Red Mouth

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I'm going to take my baby down I'm going to take my baby 'round I'm going to take my baby down To the places that I go I'm going to show her colors I'm going to show her light I'll carve out her brains With my fingers and my toes The night will be my bubble The night will be my shield I will tear down the covers and the colors will be revealed I'll turn nightmare into bone Turn red smoke into a stone I'll bring sleep unto the battlefield as her tongue unbinds a winged moan There are many lampless streets Lined with chains and broken feet Watch your back and be discreet These are the places that I go The night is tossed with salt It rains brine and it rains Baal You've reached the mother load of horrors These are the places that I go The demon babies are rolling and the moss is made of men and in all these nooks and cracks are the places that I go When the black ice rivers Rise up and overflow You will find my heart an ember Amongst the places that I go
Hell Is Just Too Small I still hear the roll of the drums The bugle sounding the charge I want to scream and holler But Hell is just too small I've become a muddy thing The thunder splits my head I want to stand up tall But Hell is just too small I scratch my filthy eyes Right out of their sockets At the sound of my siren's call But hell is just too small I jump and I fall right down I scratch and I scream and ball I pound my bloody paws But hell is just too small I will claw and dig my way out With my sword and my shield And the world will stand in awe of When hell was just too small They will write books of my deeds Children upon children will read They'll etch in stone a new law If I can tear down these walls But hell is just too small
Sometimes I put my hair up So the light can shine in my face And sometimes when I'm lonely I wish a needle to be back in place Wax cutter out in the wind Break through a ball and chain And sometimes I put my hair up And all of the tears in the world Can't grind me into a pearl Nighttime descends quickly While I'm out bumming for a light Ever learning the nearness of condone and condemn As the night pin cushions the firmament And sometimes I put my hair up Oh, it never was that boy was it, girl Or all the joy and pain in this whole damned world To be in love with love Is to be a diving dove Don't bring me my boots and saddle All these desperados make my head rattle And sometimes I put my hair up
Some people will push you, try to control you Hold you down, under the ground They will terrorize you, scandalize you And even enjoy watching you drown Time and space is a mind bending thing But this place just does not seem built for me I pine for home amongst the stars and gas and galaxies Seems I belong on another planet, back and forth in another century World you owe me nothing, but neither do I owe you I'll use this red light within my soul to sharpen my tools Through time, through space, my spirit it has wondered So, sail on, sail on, my little honey bee Til my body can catch up with thee I live my life one step behind my body Like I'm watching it all unfold on TV I watch myself, but at last I cannot stop myself from wreaking havoc on the likes of you and me I've seen the records, the evidence, and I have seen the proof That I was born here but I'm sorry I got bad knees So I look up into the sky and find it does not hold me down Instead it dangles there like a carrot or a dominatrix tease
The Throne 05:10
All I got is my mattress on the floor Oh baby, my cock don't need you no more Bottles of pills and these powders and 'shrooms Oh, my Lord Jesus'll need and really big broom Sitting in my basement snorting lines of cocaine My life's in a spin I'm just trying to ease the pain Girls ain't calling it's been a terrible year It's either starvation or Thanksgiving my dear Empty beer cans collecting by the door Don't look like I can afford no more Looks like it's gonna be a pretty shitty day If I were you, man, I would stay away
Well his name it was William and he was an odd little pill He had these scars that ran down his left arm that gave us little kids the chills He liked to kick the dried up cow paddies as he'd walk across our farm And his eyes they were dark and they were red and they were blank like the planks of our barn Sir William worked down at the snow cone stand Where in the summer heat all the pretty little girlies would meet And, Marie McDaniel she was the preachers kid But, she never laughed at crazy odd old Bill like all you other kids did "How's your grandmother?" she'd ask him with a smile But, he'd just grunt and groan and gaze at her a little while Marie McDaniel she was last seen down by Sir William's Snow Cone Stand In her green softball jersey talking to her strange, odd old friend Now Sir William he was arrested on Labor Day and sentenced to die by the next Memorial Day But, he never confessed to these sins, he never even spoke again He just drew in his sketch book these sketches of his snow cone stand Now it's seven years later and the McDaniel's they've moved away from town Crazy old Bill he's been forgotten and the town has settled right back down And now it's back to usual, little boys they dress dolls and little girls they play ball And Sir William's Snow Cone Stand is now a mini-mall
Emily Anne 05:41
Emily Anne you have hold of my heart Emily Anne you're the one to tear me apart Your crooked smile whenever you look my way Tells me you love me but then you turn away That look in your eyes, babe, is what it is You're here one minute, but then something gives Back to your momma's arms is what it is Emily Anne your heart's too pure and free But Emily Anne how about some room for me Your momma's arms they are so strong And everyone tells me that loving you is wrong Emily Anne I love you that's true But Emily Anne what am I to do How is it that you can treat me so cruel To twist me and tear me and turn me into a fool
n this city of fools And thieves and decent folks Where do I go When I need a place to go I'll see you in our dreams Above all of these plastic street Made for decent folks When you need a place to go Hold on tight to my hand Put your ear up to this can And listen very close When you need a place to go


A decade ago Red Mouth embarked on a journey to document new song with his current backing band. Some members were moving away soon and Red's latest record, Toska, was soon to come out. The results were outstanding and in-between Toska Tours, daily life, and loved ones Red worked on this long lost record. Many involved assumed the record had been abandoned since Red has released two EPs and a live record since. It was not abandoned and has now reached vinyl and the internet. Red Mouth describes this as his "quintessential document." It perfects ideas that came before and introduces elements of the radical new changes in the sounds he makes. Drench your ears in this beautiful 'document,' Et Tu Bruté.

"This could not have happened without the help of dear friends and fans who not only understand this, but, love it and desired to be a part of it." - Red Mouth


released July 29, 2022


all rights reserved



Red Mouth Muscle Shoals, Alabama

A strange brew of Son House, Captian Beefheart, Elvis and Nick Cave, backboned by stomping, driving Muscle Shoals rhythms. All resulting in a gospel experience through a gothic Alabama that your typical singer songwriters won't be guiding you anytime soon. ... more

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